Each team will have a maximum of five (5) members per team.

A Filipino Architect in good standing must be one of the Key Members.

Each team must have the following Key Members:

  1. The Team Leader must be a licensed/registered Architect from any UIA (International Union of Architects) member country.
  1. A Green Building Professional with certification such as, but not limited to LEED AP, Certified BERDE Professional OR a Team Member with a Graduate (Master’s) and/or Doctoral Degree in one of the following fields: Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Construction Management, Environmental Design/Planning, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Lighting Design, Urban Design; and Urban Planning.
  1. A Registered/Licensed Professional in one of the following fields: Interior Design, Landscape Architecture or Environmental Planning.

Key members may have multiple roles (e.g. Registered Architect, Certified Green Building Professional or Environmental Planner) as long as they have documentary proof of their respective qualifications to complete their team’s eligibility requirements.

Team members must be unique to the team and are not allowed to join and/or form other teams.